Whitehelm Cyber Security Check-Up

A Whitehelm Security Check up is the first stage in our Cyber Health Service, to provide a quick check of your security status, covering the basics and is designed as a first step to help you improve your IT cyber security health.

Firstly, it checks systems are kept up to date and protected from malware and identifies potential business risks. We talk to your key staff to understand what it’s important and the specific risks to your business

The health check-up is designed to give an overview of your organisation’s current security position. and it covers security basics such as secure internet gateways, malware protection (AV), patching and access control. It’s designed to ensure that you get the fundamentals right. The check up meets the Cyber Essentials standard, but it’s more than that, it also helps with GDPR and allows us to see your overall current cyber security position.

What’s Included?

  • A basic report with a snap-shot of your security position, your first step to enabling good cyber health
  • Recommendations to improve your security
  • Ongoing monitoring and review

Why Do You Need Our Service?

To protect your organisation against common Cyber threats and to show your customers and partners you take this issue seriously. Our Cyber Essentials platform provides a useful inventory of your network and provides continuous assessment to show compliance, without manual effort.

For more information, or to arrange a meeting or a call to discuss your needs contact us on: 01993 623 010 email: sales@whitehelm.com