Security Challenges

There is not one single answer to addressing your security requirements, it's important to take a overview of security and look at the bigger picture across the business and how systems integrate together. 

In an ever demanding working environment, there is an increased need for greater remote working, sharing of information and collaborative working partnerships. Business requirements are changing and more services are being outsourced. That's why it's important to consider the whole picture and address security in an end-to-end manner.

How information is stored, accessed and shared is crucial for business, the cloud and virtualised environments bring many advantages, but come with security risks too - which need to be managed effectively. Risk management is a issue for company management, especially when they need to demonstrate effective risk management and security compliance for government contracts or industry regulators.

Threats are more sophisticated, complex and global and could effect a wide range of systems and services and IT departments are required to act quickly and responsively.  A foundation of security strategy is Identity & Access Management which is commonly a headache for IT departments along with Security Monitoring and Logging.

The sort of issues that our clients are facing are, managing effective data access, secure remote access and monitoring and logging of key systems - all areas of network infrastructure require efficient security monitoring and logging, which can be difficult and time consuming to manage.

We help our clients meet the security challenges faced by organisations today in delivering effective security based on solutions that provide best practice security policies and procedures.

A logical first step could be our Security Position Review this enables you to gauge where you are and where your security infrastructure may need to be, to comply with ever changing security standards and best practice.

We are now offering Cyber Essentials certification as a tailored service, see here for more information

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