Security Position Review


What is a Security Position Review?

A Whitehelm Security Position Review provides a high level overview of the current state of your security processes and infrastructure, identifies potential business risks and provides a roadmap to achieve your security goals.

It is intended as a quick snapshot of your organisation’s current security status. However like all Whitehelm service offerings it is tailored to the exact requirements of each client.

Example Use Cases

  • Security Baseline prior to major project work.
  • Initial analysis prior to compliance or certification process (e.g. ISO27001).
  • Validation of security infrastructure against current threat landscape.
  • First stage of security enhancement project.


The assessment will be based on a review of the available documentation and interviews with relevant IT & business area staff and inspection of system configurations. It will typically not involve the carrying out of any active penetration testing or detailed vulnerability assessment although elements of these may be included if desired.


Although the exact deliverables would be customised to the clients requirements, typical deliverables could include:-

  • Management Report - High level overview of security position highlighting areas of significant business risk
  • Technical Findings - more detailed technical background
  • Benchmarking - against similar organisations & best practice
  • Gap Analysis - against key requirements - e.g. regulatory requirements or standards
  • Security Roadmap - phased & prioritised recommendations for addressing identified risks & outline plan/scope of work for achieving desired security goals.

Why Choose Whitehelm?

  • Whitehelm takes a tailored approach to all of our client projects and does not offer ‘off the shelf’ solutions.
  • The range of our experience allows to quickly understand your organisation and our responsive and flexible approach delivers results on time and on budget. 
  • Our aim is to complement our customers existing in-house resources and provide a true partnership to deliver solutions for their business needs.

Please call 01993 623 010 to find out how your company can benefit from a security position review or e–mail requesting more information.