Identity & Access Management


Manage Identities & Control Information Access

Identity and access management (IAM) deals with identifying individuals on a network and controls their access to resources, applications and information. It’s concerned with securing the interaction between people (users), applications and data. In addition, it provides solutions to manage the user identity lifecycle, so efficiently managing user access rights to information, when they join, leave or move within an organisation.

IAM Challenges

  • Increased Cloud and Mobile use, disrupts perimeter security
  • A need for a business led solution
  • Users require convenience
  • Common passwords used across a variety of personal and business applications/systems
  • Increased use of mobile devices and the mobile workplace.
  • Sharing information with users, partners and suppliers.
  • Potential costly compliance requirements
  • The user lifecycle (join, leave, move).

IAM Requirements

  • Know your users and how they interact with the business
  • Provide convenience and flexibility for the end user
  • Ensuring that risk is minimized.

IAM Benefits

  • A comprehensive, secure business-driven identity solution
  • Efficient user access to information and applications
  • Compliance with security and regulatory guidelines, whilst lowering costs.

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