Security Monitoring


Effective Monitoring is key to all security solutions

Protecting your network from threats requires constant monitoring over your security infrastructure and critical information assets. Security professionals must review security logs (and tools are required to highlight issues that need immediate attention since time is scarce). And alerts in real time to identify and take action again malicious activity. Scalable and real tine processes are key requirements for effective prevention, detection and response to threats.

Many industry regulations, including PCI-DSS, require monitoring for security device logs to ensure the integrity of these systems. Security monitoring solutions need to be tailored to your requirements and not typically solutions that are bought of the shelf. 

Security Monitoring helps you

  • Protect against internal and external threats
  • Make the most of existing and future security investments
  • Obtain comprehensive visibility into the activity on your network
  • Meet and exceed regulatory requirements for log monitoring


Benefits of an effective Monitoring Solution

  • Real-time,analysis and response to known and emerging threats
  • Automated event analysis and compliance reporting
  • Alerts to/Full picture of the risks to your security devices or critical information assets
  • Opportunity to prevent threats before they happen


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