Security Logging

A key feature of all security infrastructure elements is the ability to log events and give detailed analysis of forensics and highlight issues that require attention. Application and data system monitoring provides details both on what has happened to the device and what is happening, providing security against lapses in perimeter and application defences by alerting you to problems or allowing action to be taken before any real damage is done - in real time. Without log information and monitoring, you have little chance of discovering whether live network systems are being attacked or have been compromised.

What you do with logs is important, logs need to be processed, effectively and efficiently and analysed for suspicious activity. What we often find is the ongoing monitoring of installed security infrastructure is often neglected, which makes it ineffective.

Key Logging Requirements:

  • Logs need to be monitored (Event monitoring & Log analysis)
  • Logging of security hardware, servers and IDS
  • Logging of all systems
  • Correlate and consolidate log information


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