Whitehelm Virtual CSO

Small and mid-sized companies face many of the same security risks that larger companies face. But they don’t always have the required experience or the budget for a trusted, in-house security advisor. Through our Virtual CSO Service, we can solve that problem.

You need someone dedicated to take control of your security requirements. You need someone accountable to your management team – you need someone to manage it all from one source in a co-ordinated fashion.
But you cannot justify hiring a full-time CSO (Chief Security Officer) with all the right credentials - we’ve got the solution.

Your assigned Virtual CSO is both a technical security professional with a proven understanding of business. Working as an extension of your team, he does what a real CSO does.
Your CSO quickly gets up to speed with your infrastructure and IT security objectives, grasps your high level business strategy and develops an action plan with you.

As with all Whitehelm solutions, our VCSO service is tailored, depending on your needs, priorities, and budget.

The exact package is tailored to your requirements but would typically include the following key features:

- Regularly scheduled in-person meetings with your managment team and in-house IT staff.
- Available by phone when required by your management team. 
- Strategic security roadmap and detailed action plans including implementation management and ongoing review.  
- Support for third party partnerships and important business initiatives. including client data exchange/portals.

Your Virtual CSO is simply a key member of your senior management team who works closely with you to develop a security strategy that leads to real results.


- Your organisation gains valuable experience from outside your organisation

- As well as your dedicated Virtual CSO you have access to specialist experts in every area of security relevant to your business

- Your current IT department can be deployed in their specific areas of expertise, without additional outsourcing

 Contact us to discover what it’s like to have all the benefits of an accomplished CSO.

Please call 01993 623 010 to find out how your company can benefit from our Virtual CSO service or e–mail sales@whitehelm.com requesting more information.